17.04.2017 [DBReportViewer]
- Format property reworks correctly for Date

31.03.2016 [DBReportDesigner]
- NESTED-copy reworks

11.09.2015 [DBReportViewer] [DBReportDesigner]
- optimized '> 0' , 'AND if' and 'OR if'
- cleanedup old [GB2 remarks

10.09.2015 [DBReportViewer]
- printing of selected page(s) works

10.09.2015 [DBReportViewer]
- Progressbar is now visible also in huge/long reports

10.09.2015 [DBReportViewer]
- work on Progressbar

08.09.2015 [DBReportViewer]
- work on Progressbar
- made printout faster (to remark on many pages reports)

04.09.2015 [DBReportViewer]
- CallBack, added the Calling Args to the returned arguments

14.08.2015 [DBReportViewer]
- solved crash when a Value to SUM returns NULL

14.08.2015 [DBReportDesigner]
- solved crash on ScrollView when resizing a section (only >= gambas 3.7.90 )

04.06.2015 [DBReportDesigner]
- repaired Toolbox Refresh at start up

29.03.2015 [DBReportDesigner]
- finished LayOut-Toolbox
- replaced some old Key.Code comparisons using a numerical value with the constant

28.03.2015 [DBReportDesigner]
Added LayOut-Toolbox

28.03.2015 [DBReportDesigner]
Select multiple items -> move all together, locked elements which were selected, are treated like those.

23.03.2015 [DBReportDesigner]
copying multiple elements -> mark the next Item and erase the old marks

22.03.2015 [DBReportDesigner]
selecting multiple elements -> multiselect, is visible now

12.03.2015 [DBReportDesigner]
solved BUG when the DBReportDesigner3 is called as a library the new Text Edit Form crash.

11.03.2015 [DBReportDesigner]
changed the Variable List for the Edit Text Form from ListBox to TreeView

11.03.2015 [DBReportDesigner]
implemented a Variable List to the Edit Text Form

10.03.2015 [DBReportDesigner]
redesigned the property Edit Text Form

10.03.2015 [DBReportDesigner][DBReportViewer]
Form Size is no more set at Sub Run( but in Form_Open

08.03.2015 [DBReportDesigner][DBReportViewer]
the Sections condition can use the application parameters

06.03.2015 [DBReportDesigner][DBReportViewer]
Sections have a condition now, this condition uses EVAL to check, whether it is True or False, by default it is set to True.
True= the Section is printed, False= the Section is not printed.

21.02.2015 [DBReportDesigner]
Elements selected in the Properties Combobox gets the focus from now on, so they can be copied and deleted directly

15.02.2015 [DBReportDesigner][DBReportViewer]
fixed the connection.Charset, now settings are taken into account.

12.02.2015 [DBReportDesigner]
now you can sum nummeric DBFields. Just toggle the sum in properties windows to 'True'
To print out these sums, read about at 'man.DBReport.txt' (toolbutton=About tab=Help)

11.02.2015 [DBReportDesigner]
templates now get .DBR3template as extension

09.02.2015 [DBReportDesigner][DBReportViewer]
Lables and Computed Fields got also a Format property now
worked out all, except 'unused argument' compiler warnings

12.01.2015 [DBReportViewer]
made the possibility to pass parameters reworking again

10.01.2015 [demoReport]
SQLite DBs could be created where ever you have rw rights

10.01.2015 [DBReportViewer]
CVDrawCompute : _new() makes the job of _post_new() now

09.01.2015 [DBReportViewer]
CVDrawCompute : if Eval() closes with an Error, "!ERROR!" is printed

01.01.2015 [DBReportDesigner][DBReportViewer]
- better Message Windows, autoresize
- Ctrl+C on Message Windows copies the message to the Clipboard

01.01.2015 [DBReportViewer]
- SQL-Errors raise only once

- Toolbar made the Buttons a bit bigger, without border and insert Separators
- Toolbar gets an Scrollbar if needed

- no more Warning if the File-Argument (seconde Parameter) is empty

- new example The Work 002

- If Properties/File, File not found, Returns the searched file name

- reactivated the [Abort] Button on the Progressbar
- Database connection Windows, the [Connect] button became 'default'

- CVDrawDBText now I set the Me.Value to txt, so there is a Value, if a Format fails, I set the transformation to TRY

- Properties Editor ; Fixed : Align is shown now as a Text and no more as a number
- Properties Editor ; Fixed : Editors Height (was to large)

- Properties Editor/Selector; made Windows frameless, gave it a Exit lable to Click

- Properties Editor ; Align is shown now as a Text and no more as a number

- Properties Editor ; Integer Spinbox should work better now, work no more with Text, only with value

RecordSource : the two ComboBoxs Connection and Parent are read only now

- Properties Editor ; two values properties switches on dblClick

- set the size of newly created elements to W=40 H=20
- changing Default Font is now taken immediately into account
- reopen the 'have to close' RecordSource window, after renaming the RecordSource

- for new gambas3 3.6 release
Classes["Align"].Symbols replaces Class(Align).Symbols

13.09.2014 a new TestPage version
- can change between different Templates.conf files
- can work without Templates.conf files

- new Error Output for now catched parser error

03.09.2014 [DBReportViewer]
- Printer.NumCopies now re use the settings from the report

03.09.2014 new demoReport version
- more DBMS, DB is created by user, and changes in work - reports

02.09.2014 [DBReportViewer]
- Fields with NULL show no more "!ERROR!"

17.08.2014 [DBReportDesigner][DBReportViewer]
- BUG : page.break.before and page.break.after rework now for DBReport3

31.07.2014 [DBReportDesigner][DBReportViewer]
- setting PaperWidth and PaperHeight that will set also Paper
- but set Paper to 0 swiches back to default Paper

30.07.2014 [DBReportDesigner][DBReportViewer]
- printer dialog and printer settings first usable version finished

26.07.2014 [DBReportDesigner][DBReportViewer]
- work on printer dialog and printer settings

20.07.2014 [DBReportDesigner][DBReportViewer]
- replaced old qt3 Printer.Properties by qt4 new ones

16.07.2014 [DBReportDesigner][DBReportViewer]
- Printer handling working on and more testing again

15.07.2014 [DBReportDesigner][DBReportViewer]
- Printer handling working on

14.07.2014 [DBReportDesigner][DBReportViewer]
- Printer handling now better, number of copies work only if you use gambas3 rev #6376 or higher.
- The problem is not the read, but the write, I have to write a DBReport-Printer-Setup.

07.07.2014 [DBReportDesigner][DBReportViewer]
- preselect the number of copies and store them in the report xml-file

06.07.2014 [DBReportDesigner][DBReportViewer]
- Parameters now used in Lables, Computed and DBText Fields, even if there is not a data connection.

05.07.2014 [DBReportDesigner][DBReportViewer][TestPage]
- changed fDialogFile, the Button 'use' was not enabled in some cases
- worked on Strings for translatable code

02.07.2014 [DBReportDesigner]
- new links to SourgeForge in FAbout

02.07.2014 [DBReportDesigner][DBReportViewer]
- update Copyright (C) to 2014
- started to make Strings in code translatable

07.03.2014 [DBReportViewer]
- Progressbar, show better till end

27.12.2013 [DBReportViewer]
- Progressbar, found a possible DIV by 0

27.12.2013 [DBReportDesigner]
- PropertyEditor, spinnbox, keeps changed value when row is changed, and ENTER = RETURN
- Form Database Connection ENTER = change connect/disconnect Button

05.12.2013 [DBReportViewer]
- Progressbar on all steps

11.10.2013 [DBReportDesigner][DBReportViewer]
- force Printer.Resolution to 600
- replaced some older modules and formes

11.10.2013 [DBReportViewer]
- Workaround : gambas3.Printer lose his Papersize when properties set by hand

17.09.2013 [DBReportViewer]
- BUG : Page.Header printing bug is solved

20.06.2013 [DBReportDesigner][DBReportViewer]
- BUG : FAbout, FGetText, fDialogColor, fDialogFont, fDialogFile and fDialogSelectDirectory the windowssize now ist saved again

17.06.2013 [DBReportDesigner]
- BUG : the Align-dialog in properties do not crash anymore

18.03.2013 [DBReportDesigner]
- the 'Hsplit-layout workaround' from january 2013 droped.

03.03.2013 [DBReportViewer]
- BUG : printing to file (pdf/ps) now work also with Landscape

24.02.2013 [DBReportViewer]
- BUG : AutoPrinting had a dirty exit
- commented out no more needed code
- BUG : ArchiveCopyrework now also with gambas3
- NEW : if the 'ArchiveCopy' file exists and 'AutoPrinting = true', then the file will be automatically overwritten.

22.02.2013 [DBReportViewer]
- BUG : printing from DBReportDesigner and so out from gambas3 applications works as expected
- BUG : Preview frame works correctly now

08.01.2013 [DBReportDesigner][DBReportViewer]
- BUG : printing from DBReportDesigner and so out from gambas3 applications work

06.01.2013 [DBReportDesigner][DBReportViewer]
- BUG: close/quit without #11 crash
- moved SetAppParams to DBReportViewer
- avoid bad loaded Splitter in DBReportDesigner

02.01.2013 [DBReportDesigner]
- BUG: CLogic/RsCreate split Fieldsliste set back to '|'
- changed mode="F" in xml2macro.xslt, replaced ',' by '|' because of function with more then one parameters use ','s

30.12.2012 [DBReportDesigner]
- BUG: CLogic/RsCreate split Fieldsliste reset to ','

29.12.2012 [DBReportDesigner]
- BUG: in Parameters-Dialog
- Parameters-Dialog rework as expected

28.12.2012 [DBReportDesigner]
- BUG: Fields liste ist (re) filled when open Recordsource dialog

26.12.2012 [DBReportViewer]
-more and better replaced DRAW by PAINT

22.12.2012 [DBReportViewer]
- now printing with Paint and the new Printer

19.12.2012 [DBReportDesigner][DBReportViewer]
- moved printer stuff from DBReportDesigner to DBReportViewer

15.12.2012 [DBReportDesigner][DBReportViewer]
- replaced DRAW by PAINT

15.12.2012 [DBReportDesigner][DBReportViewer]
- Connection Windows needed Activate, because Resize are no more fired at startup
- while the new XML-Lib for gambas was in progress, lot of troubles, lot of changes

29.04.2012 [DBReportDesigner]
- fix bug : functions in SQL-String
- prepared xml2macro.xslt to be a better formed xml-document

20.11.2011 [DBReportViewer]
- fix for Strings, which are only 1 Tab = \t

17.11.2011 [DBReportDesigner]
- fixed the About dialog scrollbar

23.08.2011 [TestPage][DBReportDesigner][DBReportViewer]
- set components to gb.gui

18.08.2011 [DBReportViewer]
- a new shell argument "AutoPrinting"
* without this argument or set to 0, nothing new happens
* Set to <> 0, in the PreView window the [Print] button ist pushed automatically and the Printer.Setup dialog isn't called.
+ Attention : all other dialogs, if any, will raise.

18.08.2011 [DBReportViewer]
- striped innerloop for copies, because the printer does it by its own.

31.07.2011 [DBReportDesigner]
- read in printer parameters are set to the printer directly now
- so Landscape Reports are read in correctly too
and, the printer orientation is set to Lansscape, if you enter into Printers-setup

28.07.2011 [DBReportDesigner]
- ported the About dialog to gb3

18.07.2011 [DBReportViewer]
- ported new changes : CVDrawDBText.class : Error handling, if a Iteration is set to the wrong RS

18.07.2011 [DBReportDesigner][DBReportViewer]
- ported new changes : Image handling, save, and read

17.07.2011 [DBReportDesigner]
- ported new changes : before creating PreView in Designer, I set the _object to NULL now, because of hanging App.

02.07.2011 [TestPage][DBReportDesigner][DBReportViewer]
- Filechooser DBClick works fine again (or shoukd I say finally), got it from the gambas IDE.

01.07.2011 [DBReportViewer]
- ported more changes from [DBReportDesigne] to [DBReportViewer]

26.06.2011 [DBReportViewer]
- made preview run, not printing yet.

25.06.2011 [DBReportDesigne][DBReportViewer]
- saved Reports are versionated now, because of the change in the printer object

23.06.2011 [DBReportViewer]
- ported changes from [DBReportDesigne] to [DBReportViewer]

21.06.2011 [DBReportDesigne]
- moved all source code to new directories in SVN
- added clsPrinter to expand the gambas3 Printer object
Property Height As Integer ' old qt3 Printer.Height (ppi = pixel per inch)
Property Width As Integer ' old qt3 Printer.Widtht (ppi = pixel per inch))

18.06.2011 [DBReportDesigner]
- cleanedup code

17.06.2011 [DBReportDesigner][DBReportViewer]
- Printer.Object change properties to gambas3
- anywhere : change properties BackColor to BackGround and ForeColor to ForeGround
the BackColor, ForeColor in all classes witch Inherits CLAYBase that is managed in CLAYBase

17.06.2011 [TestPage][DBReportDesigner][DBReportViewer]
- Filechooser DBClick comment out didn't work anymore

17.06.2011 [TestPage][DBReportDesigner][DBReportViewer][demoReport]
- Components, add to Library

17.06.2011 =========== started to migrate/porting DBReport to gambas3 ====

04.05.2011 [DBReportViewer]
- NEW: added modUtil to DBReportViewer2
- NEW: The Report property 'ArchiveCopy' tries, if file extention is .pdf, to convert the ps-file to PDF by using ps2pdfwr (if found)

27.11.2010 [DBReportDesigner][DBReportViewer]
- BUG: Filechooser DBClick not fired when file not Exits
- Filechooser, set .Root larger.
- Dirchooser set .Root larger.

20.10.2010 [DBReportDesigner][DBReportViewer]
- BUG: Filechooser, reversed the order, of the assignment of .SelectedPath and .Root.
- BUG: Dirchooser, reversed the order, of the assignment of .SelectedPath and .Root.

04.08.2010 [DBReportDesigner]
- OPT: enhanced Modified Flag after Editor changes

04.08.2010 [DBReportDesigner][DBReportViewer]
- BUG: Filechooser DBClick not fired when empty.
- BUG: Filechooser closing by [X] returned a value.

03.08.2010 [DBReportDesigner][DBReportViewer]
- BUG: database connection Types left empty, when gambas2 was not compiled, but installed on the box.
ga.db.*.la which filled the combobox, don't exist on such installations.

03.08.2010 [DBReportDesigner]
- OPT: Spinbox for Integers in Properties dialog

02.08.2010 [DBReportDesigner][DBReportViewer]
- BUG: Filechooser now loads a file after a DBClick on it.

28.07.2010 [DBReportDesigner]
- BUG : in File-extention complementation and a typo (wrong file-extention) in 'save a template'

27.07.2010 [DBReportDesigner]
- OPT: moved a lot off Images to Stock:Icons (not yet overall)

27.07.2010 [DBReportDesigner]
- NEW: now you can use templates templates, are saved Clipboards

24.07.2010 [DBReportDesigner]
- NEW: started to implement templates = save the Clipboard to a file / restore it from such a file

24.07.2010 [DBReportDesigner]
- OPT: Stock:Icons in PopUp-Menu

22.07.2010 [DBReportDesigner]
- NEW: with Containers, now also NESTED-copy works, all elements on/in are copied.

22.07.2010 [DBReportDesigner]
- OPT: Paste in PopUp-Menu is enabled, if data in the $Clipboard.

20.07.2010 [DBReportDesigner]
- OPT: changed the look of the PopUp-Menu

20.07.2010 [DBReportDesigner]
- OPT: changed emplacement for Edit in items PopUp-Menu

19.07.2010 [DBReportDesigner]
- NEW added 'Edit' to items PopUp-Menu, for a easier, quicker access to the Text property

30.05.2010 [DBReportDesigner]
- NEW added Layout as first element to the Properties list (combobox in Properties window)

01.05.2010 [DBReportViewer]
- NEW The Report property 'ArchiveCopy' can have Report-Parameters included when passed as Argument to DBReportViewer
Example : ArchiveCopy=~/DBReport2/Archive/testArchivCopy{one of the Report-Parameters}.pdf

25.04.2010 [DBReportDesigner]
- OPT: Store About-Window size
- New: Sections and Items have a PopUp-Menu (Right-Mouse-Click)
Action, which where possible with both Left and/or Right-Mouse-Click now should only work on Left-Mouse-Click

24.04.2010 [DBReportDesigner]
- OPT: Made About-Window resizeable

21.04.2010 [DBReportDesigner] [DBReportViewer]
- OPT: preparing for gambas3, moving all 'Printer' and 'Draw' - Keywords to a separate module, "_SwitchNext"

29.03.2010 [DBReportViewer]
- BUG: reusing the Images which are stored in the XML-file, so are the reports re-became independently.
A NEW CHANCE FOR THAT (refound a case where it didn't work)

28.03.2010 [DBReportViewer]
- BUG: reusing the Images which are stored in the XML-file, so are the reports re-became independently.

28.03.2010 [DBReportDesigner]
- BUG: smoother copy/move function,

24.03.2010 [DBReportViewer]
- NEW: CallBack to the calling gambas Program with parameters/object

21.03.2010 [DBReportViewer]
- NEW: CallBack to the calling gambas Program (started)

15.03.2010 [DBReportDesigner][DBReportViewer]
- BUG: handle Images which have no Path to a picture

15.03.2010 [DBReportDesigner]
- NEW: Container handling for all elements

14.03.2010 [DBReportViewer]
- OPT: Container handling is finished

07.03.2010 [DBReportViewer]
- NEW The Report property 'ArchiveCopy' can be overwritten by an "ArchiveCopy" passed as Argument to DBReportViewer
Example : ArchiveCopy=~/DBReport2/Archive/testArchivCopy.pdf

06.03.2010 [DBReportViewer]
- NEW: Began to implement a container handling

24.02.2010 [DBReportDesigner]
- BUG: since Revision: 2515 (and gambas2 2.19) from 24.12.2009

* BUG: The ComboBox Click event now is raised correctly when setting the
Text property. ....and found a NULL object when calling RecordSource

20.02.2010 [DBReportViewer]
- NEW detached the TAB-Support form "AutoFit" property. Now all TAB are handled.

16.02.2010 [DBReportViewer]
- NEW TAB-Support added for "AutoFit=TRUE" Labels, actually I fixed it to 72 pt per inch.

14.02.2010 [DBReportViewer]
- BUG : repeated printing with ArchiveCopy works now (File name don't get larger and larger)

14.02.2010 [DBReportDesigner][DBReportViewer]
- NEW made it english 'ArchivCopy' become 'ArchiveCopy'

14.02.2010 [DBReportViewer]
- NEW for new Report property 'ArchivCopy' at printout.

14.02.2010 [DBReportDesigner]
- NEW Report property 'ArchivCopy', should be a Path+file name, if it is filled, at printout a PDF will be created.
The file name ends with a timestamp :
becomes by adding & Format(Date(), "yyyymmdd") & Replace(CStr(Time()), ":", "")

04.02.2010 [DBReportViewer]
- BUG: in gambas, the chosen device could not read out by code, if in a session, once the 'Print to file'
was used, and after the target-file is/was not cleared.

29.01.2010 [DBReportViewer]
- BUG: AutoFit in line hight, forgot to get off a testing thing.

27.01.2010 [DBReportViewer]
- BUG: now Number of Copies and Print Range (From/To Page) should work as expected.
Even in "print to file"

27.01.2010 [DBReportViewer]
- BUG: keep last opened file, for use in Open-dialog.

26.01.2010 [DBReportViewer]
- BUG: FViewer.GeneralParams are reset now correctly.

24.01.2010 [DBReportViewer]
- BUG: AutoFit line break
The line break, is at the one of the last " .,;:-/" Char, before it becomes to large.
If nothing is found it will be cut at FontWidth - 4 Char
-- Oh, forgot to say, existing LF are still kept. --

22.01.2010 [DBReportViewer]
- BUG: Warning, when starting DBReportViewer2 first time with the new config.
(Change from 06.01.2010 and 07.01.2010)

22.01.2010 [DBReportDesigner][DBReportViewer]
- BUG: correcting typo .foother, became .footer

21.01.2010 [DBReportDesigner][DBReportViewer]
- NEW : new Property for Label, DBText and Compute Items : AutoFit.
If AutoFit=TRUE, the Viewer, resize the hight of the item and of the section, if necessary.
The line break, is at the last BLANK, before it becomes to large.
All Items who TOP (Y) starts underneath the bottom of an AutoFitted Item, will be moved, when the Item is resized.

10.01.2010 [DBReportDesigner][DBReportViewer]
- NEW : DB-Conection dialog : the proposed db-types, depends on the box installed gambas-db-drivers.

07.01.2010 [DBReportDesigner]
- BUG: projects who use DBReportDesigner can't find /xml and /Macros
To know DBReportDesigner has to be started one time at first to create ~/DBReport2 and copy the files/dirs.

06.01.2010 [DBReportDesigner][DBReportViewer]
- NEW : moved the config file app.cfg to ~/DBReport2, also /xml and /Macros
DBReportDesigner2 and DBReportViewer2 use them
the directorys /xml and /Macros from /DBReportDesigner2, are used to update by every start all
concerned files in ~/DBReport2
DBReportViewer2 use that directory also.
~/DBReport2 is hard coded.

[EVERYWHERE in that project]
- BUG: removed all gambas database drivers from the requirements and project components (which created problems)

03.01.2010 [DBReportViewer]
- BUG: Only the parameters which are not passed, will be requested in the parameters dialog

06.12.2009 [DBReportDesigner]
- BUG: CLogic, gettingArgusPreview, reactivated the pass parameters,
eliminated on 26.11.2009

01.12.2009 [DBReportViewer]
NEW : gave buttons a picture, gave buttons a shortcut, added a Close button
NEW : save Windows size

01.12.2009 [DBReportDesigner]
NEW : made Field-Header visible in RecordSource Test-Tab

30.11.2009 [DBReportDesigner][DBReportViewer]
NEW : added Charset Support for DB-Connections, the converting, is made just before the output.

30.11.2009 [DBReportViewer]
BUG : Report-Parameters refeshed when loading different Report-Templates

30.11.2009 [DBReportDesigner]
BUG : DB-Connections are reset (disconnected) now, if changes are made

29.11.2009 [DBReportDesigner]
BUG: in NEW Report DB and RS Dialog raised twice
BUG: in EXIT-SAVE SAve-Dialog raised twice when CANCLE Save

29.11.2009 [DBReportViewer]
- Report-Parameters: are used now in
Computed Label
- Added ChangeLog

29.11.2009 [DBReportDesigner]
- made Dir-Dialog resizeable
- store and use some windows dimension

26.11.2009 [DBReportDesigner][DBReportViewer]
- Implemented read/write relativ-path for all file-operations.

26.11.2009 [DBReportDesigner]
- BUG: CLogic, gettingArgusPreview

23.11.2009 [DBReportDesigner]
EXIT-Dialog "you really want to exit" "Yes" "No"

13.11.2009 [DBReportDesigner]
- hopefully found the crash when leaving Designer (only when used as component) by the [X]
and closed the calling/using Application too quick

12.11.2009 [DBReportDesigner]
- Fixed a couple of bugs (which came also from my innocence to expand functionality)
- RecordSource TEST should work now with more then one .(dot) in the fields name.

11.11.2009 [DBReportViewer]
- DBReportViewer can handle now the new report wide parameters

11.11.2009 [DBReportDesigner]
- RecordSource Parameters do no more exist, not filled, not saved.
- Now we have report wide parameters, which can be edit in the Toolbar or in Recordsources.
- These Parameters now are shown in every RecordSource.

09.11.2009 [DBReportDesigner]
- avoid a possible bug due on asyncron timers

09.11.2009 [DBReportDesigner]
- Report-Parameters placed in Toolbar
- A dblClick, copy the Report-Parameters-name to Clipboard and set it to the end of a Label(if one)
- Set some ToolTips
- Added picture to _init parameters

08.11.2009 [DBReportDesigner]
- reordered /doc directory
- added startup QUICK GUIDE.html

08.11.2009 [DBReportDesigner]
- Checking Report-Parameters against Recordsource-Parameters
and Recordsource-Parameters against Report-Parameters.

08.11.2009 [DBReportViewer]
- Read the new Report-Parameters from XML

04.11.2009 [DBReportDesigner]
- Added Parameters and Parameter-Dialog for which could be used all
over the Report. Dialog is like Recordsource-Parameters.
! The ReportViewer part is not written yet.

04.11.2009 [DBReportDesigner]
- Started About/Help etc.

11.10.2009 [DBReportDesigner]
- canges in CTOOLDBField, because Field is filled with the table,
if the tablename is used in fieldname.

05.10.2009 [DBREportViewer]
Printing !ERROR! if a NULL should be Formated

05.10.2009 [DBReportDesigner][DBREportViewer]
Using Parameters in all RS if not there own, using same name
in all FMessage added to all windows ME.Stacking = Window.Above

03.10.2009 [DBREportViewer][DBREportDesigner][TestPage]
passing, given parameters comming to TestPage,
down to DBREportDesigner and DBREportViewer

03.10.2009 [DBREportViewer]
BUGFIX for page number: computed fields are now evaluated at exec time,
but, we copy recordsources values at (or after) constructor.

made some changes to CVDrawCompute, because The dots and when more then
one RS which are parented.

02.10.2009 [DBREportViewer]
added a call to post constructor _post_new()
the section is required by CVDrawCompute._post_new()
Example of computed field: iif(len(myrs_myfield)>30,'big','normal')

21.09.2009 [DBREportViewer]
changed CVDrawDBText converting String to Number.
Val didn't work in every case , hope its better now.

17.09.2009 [DBREportDesigner]
finished CTOOLMSave to not aske for a file-name if it is given

replaced all Dialog. calls with the newer kind from gb.form component
catch a possible error in Viewer, when computed-field is badly made.

made DBReportDesigner a component and worked on the FIDE_close code.
Added a simple Report-file management.

Completed SQLite Dialog in DB-Connection on FDBConnection
While changing to SQLite, User and Password are set to "".
The Save User/Password ChkButton.Value set to FALSE
User, Password and Save User/Password ChkButton are no more visible
You have to choose a path to the DB, then the Database.

FIX: select an sqlite3 file on FDBConnection

loading templates to designer as argument, while calling
BugFix in FDBConnection (see mail from Christian)

BUGFIX: Sorting recordsources

RS-rename with RS-childs
FIX: bug when save unsorted RS-child and RS-parent

RS-Params, changing Name, refresh List, check against List and Fields

Setting a Tested-flag on Recordsources which is stored for each RS.
If RS are checked, Tested-flag is set to TRUE
Viewer: can read that Tested-flag
Check the RS, needs now only the params, not the tparams.
only tparams which are empty will pop up the parameter dialog.
RS-Params can be edit now
RS-Names names changed if not used in ParentRs

Viewer: passing (for use in Gambas) user and password, when not stored

Option: store User/Password , default = FALSE
Stored User/Password are scrambled.

shorted default Text for new Connections and RecordSources
enable/disable ToolButtons, when first action is Connection
Select to Table in Tableslist when find in Recordsource SQL
Added * to Recordsource-Fieldlist
Using CDBRecordSource.Dropped to eliminate some ugly messages
eliminate many messages to direct-window

rearranged connections, you cloud open more then one connection, and have sqlite2, sqlite3 and odbc
empty Error.Text are no more shown in FMessage

some bug fixes on recordsource
No save on some conditions
SQL destroyed when adding a new recordset
Now, each recordset is executed when press the accept button

change Section-Label size when Paper Size/Orientation or MarginLeft/MarginRight changes
In GetIterations the last gb.NewLine is cut, for not having an empty entry in FSelector
Properties choose list (combobox): make visible "<->" if Item is visible
Ensure that Paste item(s) into another Item is not possible
Found after Ctrl+C a yellow Item unter the Item.

keep also 'Lastfile' uptodate after 'SaveAs'
changed, (need Ctrl for selection moving)
selecting/moving Items with mouse, while
press Ctrl 'multi selecting mode' no movment at all
press Shift 'single selecting mode' no movment at all
press Ctrl + Shift 'vertically fixed mode' no movment left/right
press Ctrl + Alt 'horizontal fixed mode' no movment up/down

Show file name in Layout lable
selecting/moving Items with mouse :
press Ctrl + Shift = 'selecting mode' no movment at all
press Shift = 'vertically fixed mode' no movment left/right
press Ctrl = 'horizontal fixed mode' no movment up/down

returned to with Ctrl+V , SET X/Y to X/Y +5 if it is on the same Section
if not on original Section SET X/Y stay tune.
enable/disable ToolButtons
Recursive Item locking (Item(s) in Item)

toggle Layer-State with Ctrl+Home

reactivated/finished Ctrl+P for Preview
reactivated/finished Ctrl+S for Save
changed up/down/left/right on Items to use it with Ctrl
added FLayoutEditor/SelectionToggleSet for toggle Locked-State
toggle Locked-State with Ctrl+Space

made starting screen less flickering

Image - handling

better Dialog for Align properties

using spec. char like Euro ([AltGr]+[E]) the Designer and Viewer crasch.
was/is a gambas problem, found a work around

Std.Macros for Border and Locked

unset Items/Sections Locked Stat when an Item is copyed
show Items/Sections Locked Stat colored
finished proposing last file for open


predefined Font for the Report
after Ctrl+V , look if visible in Section .... SET X/Y to 0
locking Items/Sections (no more move with the Mouse)
Selection Editor for Aligne Property


Saving RecordSources without TEST
properties choose list (combobox), Incl nested Items
changes because of the Properties chooselist : while delete Items or Sections
working with a temp-file (for preview)
after Ctrl+C unset the Focus from the Item and set it to the Section
making Sections sortable (moving up/down not changing Order) using CTRL+UP and CTRL+DOWN

-Bug fixes
+ replaced id by idnum
+ *.macro
soportar color transparente

New Property: "Layer" Send to back or bring to front
Small buttons

How delete a Param no more needed.(DBReportDesigner-0.0.3)?
BUG - No way from IDE, :-(

hecho - añadir posibilidad de redimensionar los controles con el mouse
hecho - Archivo de configuración para recordar tamaño, disposición de las ventanas
hecho - URGENTE permitir cambiar las propiedades de la pagina (margenes, tamaño)
hecho - URGENTE errores al no existir la base de datos
hecho - mejorar gestión de las propiedades, ahora metodo copiado de gambas
hecho - reducir cantidad de forms para propiedades
hecho - avisar para grabar si modificado
hecho - avisar para grabar si modificado antes del preview
hecho - _Init script
hecho - Agregar preview/print del reporte sin necesidad de abrir el viewer
hecho - URGENTE convertir a XML
hecho - URGENTE incorporar la imagen al archivo *.xml base64
hecho - URGENTE permitir eliminar secciones
hecho - URGENTE permitir cambiar el orden de las secciones
hecho - URGENTE mejorar aspecto del selector (FSelector)
hecho - URGENTE renombrar clases del "viewer" para diferenciarlas del "designer"
hecho - URGENTE crear secciones automáticamente según recordsets
hecho - No circular reference warnings, (clean free ?)
hecho - Añadir selección y ejecución de macros
pre-alpha version