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DBReport, is for OS on which you can run Gambas, because it is written in Gambas.

DBReport, can handle your Reporting. It is a standalone tool, for the creation and issuance of reports, with access to different databases.

DBReport2 is the Version for gambas2 (recommanded Version 2.16 or higher).
DBReport3 is the Version for gambas3 (needed Version 3.5.4 or higher).

The tool is split in two parts, a designer DBReportDesigner (we call it the IDE) and a viewer DBReportViewer.
- DBReportDesigner2 see what it looks like, start the DBReport IDE .
- DBReportViewer2 see what it looks like, start the DBReport Viewer .

  • Create reports in multiple layouts.
  • Started from the shell, with or without parameters set.
  • Gambas coders can include the two parts, as components into their projects.

    Project Information

    This is the DBReport project ("dbreport") project summary page
    Registered on SourceForge.net on Jul 31, 2009, it is described by the project team as follows:

    A tool for the creation and issuance of reports, written in Gambas. (Version 1 and 2)
    and a version for gambas3 (Version 3.5.4 or higher)

    (download files or SVN ).

    About Open Source:

    Of benefit to users,Open Source software is licensed so you can download and use the software free-of-charge. The source code for this software is made available free-of-charge, you (or a programmer you hire) can make changes to this software to better meet your needs, and you can release your changed code back to the community passing the benefit on to other users.
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